Using the revolutionary professional TechniSPA® method, women can slim quickly, effectively and sustainably in their areas of concern. This treatment uses three technologies for visible and measurable results after just a few sessions:

1. A dual slimming effect from the mechanical massager
2. The penetration of slimming agents that act between treatments
3. Stimulation that makes the muscles work to eliminate and burn fat

To achieve your desired results, speak to Victoria for a personalised programme of TechniSPA® treatments and guidance.

NOTES: TechniSPA® is especially effective post-pregnancy or in combination with weight loss or a fitness programme. For best results, we recommend combining a healthy lifestyle and effective home care, along with professional salon treatments.

double slimming treatment

Achieve a slender silhouette and firm, toned body contours with this innovative slimming treatment. Designed to tackle cellulite, this treatment uses a mechanical massager, penetrating the slimming agents and stimulating the body’s muscles to eliminate and burn fat. The skin appears smoother and cellulite is reduced.

Price: £69 | Minutes: 45 l 10 x 45 mins £621

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techni soothing leg treatment

For legs that feel heavy and appear swollen, the technology of the TechniSPA device will allow rapid relief and soothe any discomfort. This treatment uses a mechanical massager to penetrate active ingredients into the skin whilst stimulating the muscles leaving the legs feeling lighter and re-energised with a slimmer appearance

Price: £39 | Minutes: 30

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