Nail Care Refresher

A quick tidy-up for hands or feet that are already in good condition (no cuticle work).

Price: £15 | Minutes: 30

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Standard Manicure

A regular treatment manicure to keep the nails in good condition.

Price: £25 | Minutes: 45

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Luxury Manicure + Hot Mitts

The manicure will include exfoliation, massage and cuticle care. Also includes a luxury hand treatment mask thermal heated mitts for a deeper penetration of the oils and creams. Nails will be beautifully shaped and treated with a prescription basecoat finishing with the perfect polish.

Price: £30 | Minutes: 60

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Geleration Full Set (Natural)

Ultimate 2 week nail treatment for hands and feet. Nails are shaped and dry cuticle work is performed, finish with the colour of your choice.

Price: £20 | Minutes: 30

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