Holistic Therapies

Ayurvedic abdominal massage

Aids bloating, constipation and eliminates toxins leading to a flatter stomach
Price: £45 |Minutes: 45

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Ayurvedic face lifting massage and anti-ageing facial

Using ingredients such as sandlewood and rose this face Marma (vital energy points) massage is performed on the face, neck and shoulders
Price: £60 |Minutes: 60

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Ayurvedic foot and leg marma massage

A rejuvenating and relaxing massage which will balance your system
Price: £45 |Minutes: 45

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Ayurvedic full body marma point massage

A warm Doshic oil is chosen for your body constitution. When your Marma points (vital energy points) are massaged they become revitalised and you will be left feeling energised and relaxed
Price: £75 |Minutes: 90

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Indian head massage

This practise has numerous health benefits, including a reduction of stress and anxiety, migraines, headaches and backpain. It aids detoxification and it can also stimulate hair growth, boosts energy, induces deeper sleep and gives and increase in mental clarity and improved memory
Price: £40 |Minutes: 45

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reflexology feet

Reflexology helps to induce a deep state of relaxation. It eliminates toxins from the body, increases your energy and gives a boost to your circulation. It helps stimulate the central nervous system, prevents migraines and treat urinary tract conditions. It can speed up recovery after an injury or surgery, reduces sleep disorders and relieves depression and pain. It also soothes the pain of pregnancy, even after delivery
Price: £45  |Minutes: 60

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An energy healing system which helps with detoxification, aids relaxation, reduces stress and helps improve health and general well-being
Price: £40 |Minutes: 60 (first session will require a 15 min consultation)

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